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    Extensive product range for maritime individuality


    Due to their versatility and outstanding physical properties, our ceramic-polymer coating products set standards within the whole maritime sector. We provide solvent-free protection systems, tested in accordance with ISO 20340. The relevant corrosivity categories for the offshore industry (DIN EN ISO 12944-2 – classes C5-M and IM1-3) are also completely satisfied by our high-performance portfolio.


    Rotor frames, rotor blades and towers of offshore wind generators have to withstand extreme weather conditions. The constantly moist and salt-laden air combined with intensive UV radiation is highly corrosive. Tremendous wind speeds and rainstorms with an impact of hammer strokes induce heavy wear and abrasion effects.

    Within the intertidal zone and splash zone, the oxygen content of the sea water is increased due to currents and waves. Hence, the corrosion process is enormously accelerated by constantly moving water. In addition, severe mechanical abrasion results from flowing water. For this field of application we provide ideal protection.

    For new buildings and renewals of ship bodies, high impact resistance is required. The sheer rails on the sides are exposed to heavy loads during landing processes. Rudder blades show oftentimes deep cavitation erosions. Deck coatings have to be weather-proof, skid-proof and usually chemical resistant. The Ceramic Polymer coating products fulfill these requirements and provide long-lasting impact and abrasion resistance.

    Furthermore, our coatings are excellently applicable as internal coatings for different kinds of tanks on the ships. Our portfolio contains ideal protective systems for waste water tanks and freshwater tanks as well as pool water tanks and ballast water tanks. Thus we make a considerable contribution to effective value preservation within the whole range of maritime techniques.
    Ceramic Polymer: Coating of Lock gate Ceramic Polymer: Coatings for brakes of wind-energy-plants Ceramic Polymer: Coatings for rudder, rear and sheer rails of Scandlines Ferry Ceramic Polymer: External coatings for wind energy plants according to corrosivity classes Ceramic Polymer: External coating of steel construction of single mooring system
    Tests & Certificates of independent institutes
    - ISO 20340 - Performance requirements for protective paint systems for offshore and related structures
    - Germanischer Lloyd Approval for ballast-water-tanks
    - 10.000 hour salt spray test
    - cathodic disbondment test at 1,5 V (30 + 60 + 90 days at 60°C)
    - autoclave test with explosive decompression (natural gas, 100 bar, 100°C)
    - German standards - drinking water approval
    - DVGW-W270, growth of micro-organisms (bio film)
    - German standards - foodstuff approval, microbiological and physical-chemical analysis
    - German standards - swimming water approval (open air, indoor, warm whirl-pool)
    - Drinking water installations on- and offshore - Folkehelse, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo