Simple and direct concrete protection -
    perfect functionality with a strong hold

    Concrete substrates also need a resistant coating for a trouble-free operation. The belief that concrete could permanently withstand aggressive chemical attacks or heavy weather conditions without protection is a false conclusion. As a matter of fact, air pollution and resulting acid rain induces by contained sulfur dioxide the corrosion of concrete. By enduring contact with chemicals or aggressive substances, concrete is destroyed in different ways. The sulfate attack causes expansion effects. The sulfuric acid attack effectuates extreme concrete erosions. Also anaerobe microorganisms (sulfate reducing bacteria - SRB) provoke fatal concrete erosions by the excretion of hydrogen sulfide. Fluids and gases, which ingress into the porosities of the concrete, can cause corrosion on steel reinforcements.

    The Ceramic Polymer protective coatings provide excellent resistance against various chemicals and gases, steady acid resistance, high abrasion resistance and drinking water approvals for versatile use relating to concrete protection. For more information regarding SRB induced biocorrosion and our new long-term protection system, please refer to the topic "Biocorrosion".

    Our coatings are applied directly onto clean and blasted concrete without previous use of a primer. Due to the low viscosity of the coating products, all porosities are easily filled in and an outstanding adhesion is thereby achieved. The application is conducted by an airless spraying method or simply by roll and rake.
    Ceramic Polymer: Concrete coating for sewage pipe sytem Ceramic Polymer: Concrete coating for large tank pit for sulfuric acid fabrication Ceramic Polymer: Internal coating of percolation tanks Ceramic Polymer: Concrete coating for drip pan for hydraulic fluids Ceramic Polymer: Concrete coating for waste water separation vessel
    Versatile scopes of Ceramic Polymer concrete protection coatings

    - waste water systems
    - septic tanks
    - sewage plants
    - drip pans
    - pipework
    - rain detention basins
    - cisterns
    - oil and petrol separators
    - biogas plants
    - secondary containment applications
    Secondary Containment - protecting nature and environment
    Ceramic Polymer GmbH sets another focus on the protection of nature and the environment. Our solvent-free coating systems are employed for secondary containment applications at filling and reloading points of different industrial field. In the handling of chemicals and other substances, which are hazardous to water, an adequate prevention of environmental contamination is mandatory.
    Ceramic Polymer GmbH provides for this kind of "indirect corrosion protection" high-grade resistant coatings which can be easily applied.

    We deliver high quality concrete coatings for
    - drain trays for road and railway vehicles
    - drip pans for chemical drums
    - drain trays for petrol stations
    - fields of bulk tanks
    - tank pits for chemical reservoirs
    - containment vessels for production facilities