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    Grundfos Dedicated Controls system are delivered either as complete control cabinets or as control components for local panel assembly.

    Grundfos Dedicated Controls can be used with standard functionality for normal needs, but it also supports more advanced functions for wastewater transport.
    Additionally Dedicated Controls is a perfect partner in any storm water installation or flood control installation.
    When used with frequency converters for the pumps it can optimise energy consumption.
    It can be set up for many different warning signals. This makes it possible to take care of problems before the pumps go into an alarm state.


    Grundfos Dedicated Controls is designed for the transfer of wastewater away from a wastewater pit.
    It can be used for network pumping stations and mains pumping stations equipped with one to six pumps.
    It can also be used for commercial buildings and municipal systems.

    Features and benefits

    • Start/stop of wastewater pumps by means of float switches, analogue pressure sensors or ultrasonic sensors
    • Alternating & group operation of up to six pumps
    • Overflow measurement
    • Alarms and warnings
    • Advanced alarm schedules
    • Flow calculation
    • Daily emptying
    • Mixer or flushing valve control
    • VFD support
    • Energy optimisation
    • Easy installation and configuration via start-up wizard
    • Advanced data communication, GSM/GPRS to BMS and SCADA systems
    • SMS (transmit and receive) alarms and status
    • PC Tool support and data logging
    • Electrical overview for easy fault finding.
    • State of the functions for waste water transport, storm water installation and flood control.
    • Full integration to SCADA system