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    ALPHA2 is the best pump to withstand the tough conditions in a heating system, and with four newly added features, it just got even tougher:
    Robust start-up:
    Shakes free any impurities before the pump starts at the beginning of the heating season.
    Summer mode:
    Adjustment of the pump’s performance in the summer to the warmer temperature outside – giving customers extra energy efficiency
    Magnetite resistance:
    Ensures that no small pieces of metal get stuck in the pump’s vital parts when they are magnetised
    Dry-running protection:
    Makes sure the pump never runs without liquid in the system

    Add to that unrivalled energy efficiency, easy installation and the fact that ALPHA2 covers both your heating demands and up to 90 % of your air-conditioning and cooling demands.
    Get all the technical details about ALPHA2 right

    The GRUNDFOS ALPHA2 is suitable for:
    • Systems with constant or varying flow
    • One pipe systems
    • Two pipe systems
    • Underfloor-heating
    • Domestic hot-water recirculation
    • Systems where night setback is required.
    Features and benefits
    • Better performance with market leading efficiency (EEI≤0.15) in a more compact design
    • New flow meter for trouble-shooting and balancing
    • AUTOADAPT selects best performance curve for efficiency and comfort
    • Innovative plug simplifies pump connection
    • Insulation shells included.